Milestone Achievement: StarFive's JH7110 Successfully Passes RISC-V Architecture Test

Milestone Achievement: StarFive JH-7110 Successfully Passes RISC-V Architecture Test

StarFive JH-7110 passes the RISC-V Architecture Compatibility Test

StarFive is proud to announce the successful upload of the RISC-V Architecture Test report, indicating that the design of JH-7110 fully complies with the RVI20 specification requirements. You can find the report at the following link: riscv-non-isa/riscv-arch-test-reports (

RISC-V Architecture Testing serves as our fundamental screening tool, ensuring that software written for specific RISC-V configurations or specifications can run smoothly on all implementations that comply with those configurations. Additionally, RISC-V Architecture Testing helps ensure that implementers have a correct understanding and implementation of the specification.

Through RISC-V Architecture Testing, we provide users with the assurance that the specification is correctly interpreted and that the tested implementation (DUT) complies with the guarantees of the RISC-V architecture. Only by passing the architecture test according to the RVI20 standard and obtaining approval from the RISC-V International Organization can the authorization to use the RISC-V trademark be granted in the design.

Following the process illustrated in the above diagram (see 2. Overview — RISCOF 1.23.4 documentation), StarFive has developed a YAML configuration file based on RISCV-CONFIG. This file describes the user’s input of ISA information and validates the legality of the provided register data. Furthermore, we have provided a toolchain for compiling, linking, extracting, and translating target file information for the testing framework. In addition, a Python plugin for JTAG+OpenOCD has been developed specifically for RVI20 testing of JH-7110. Through these efforts, JH-7110 has successfully passed the ACT testing according to the RVI20 standard.


The successful completion of the standard testing and recognition by the RISC-V International for JH-7110 marks an important milestone in the development of a series of JH-7110 solutions that can be regarded as RISC-V ISA compatible. We take great pride in this achievement and remain committed to delivering innovative solutions that comply with the RISC-V standard, providing customers with reliable and efficient products and services.


On Linux for “cat /proc/cpuinfo” in the future can we expect to see RV64IMAFDCZicsr_Zifencei_Zba_Zbb
or (since Zicsr and Zifencei are only accessible in machine mode privilege level)
RV64GCZba_Zbb or RV64IMAFDCZba_Zbb
instead of


Congrats to StarFive!

It is impressive what the VF2 can do already given how new rv64 is. It’ll be even better when Linux kernel support gets mainlined.


Please accept my sincere congratulations & wishing you as a team more success in the RV field!
Nicely done


I would like it to be more descriptive than a current one, akin to x86. Like if we copy x86 behavior in some aspects (for example, page size and hugepages), why not align cpuinfo so?

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