Mainline u-boot // documentation page for VF2

In the u-boot mainline repo is information about booting Linux on the VF2:

The setup is very different from that used in the Starfive u-boot repo: it uses FW_DYNAMIC instead of FW_PAYLOAD, and in the boot partition on disk it no longer uses a FIT archive + uEnv.txt file, but separate boot components (image, initramfs, dtb).

I can understand the change to FW_DYNAMIC, but why was the FIT archive abandoned?

Also, at the end that doc page has a line “Use prebuilt image from here [1], which support to partition the SPI flash.” However, there is no footnote [1] with a link.


It’s been committed on GitHub, why not ask the author there?

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Excellent suggestion: I will do that.