M.2 and WiFi/BT?

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I plan to purchase 8G board and use it with M.2 slot occupied by NVM disk. Some shops placed info that WiFi/BT in this case won’t be available. Is this true? What NVM StarFive advises to use?

VF2 is M.2 M-KEY. In theory, the M.2 M-KEY module of PCIE interface can be used. The M.2 of WIFI/BT is A-KEY or E-key,so it cannot be directly connected.

No no. I just want to be sure that M.2 is fully functional on this board in terms of SSD storage. WiFi can be arranged as a USB-device, no problem with that for me.

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You could use a “Wireless M.2 A+E Key Slot To M.2 M Key Wifi Bluetooth Adapter” or even a “M2 KEY Adapter Convert Card Riser” (plug the words in quotes into your search engine of choice and you should get some hits). But be careful that you do not get the opposite (M.2 key to A+E Key) of what you need by accident. Compare the connectors and where the notches are before you buy.

Now my post is after your reply (which makes no sense), but I’ll leave contents of the post above in case it helps someone else.

USB 3.0 WiFi/Bluetooth is the way to go. As for if the NVM there are no public compatibility results (yet, lots of time before they ship), there are for SD cards and USB flash and looking at the commits to the linux kernel fork audio issues are still being debugged would be the reason for the HDMI issues listed. It might be worthwhile waiting until there are some makes and models listed that are know to work before buying a NVMe M.2. :hourglass_flowing_sand:

I think it eventually transforms into “buy and try” :slight_smile: But first I need to get V2 shipped :)))

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Intel did write the NVMe standard and added the original driver to the Linux kernel, so most devices should work (famous last words).