Linux Kernel 5.15.117 Builds

I thought I’d share an updated 5.15.x kernel build. My hope is to over time backport StarFive’s upstream changes onto an LTS 5.15 branch.

The kernel has been built with a tidied up config tailored for headless applications. I’ve included support for a bunch of PCIe/USB networking devices (I still need to prune the list back further) and a bunch of network functions such as (WireGuard/bridge networking/etc).

Where possible I’ve removed out of tree drivers (to reduce the bug surface area), so unfortunately that means no eswin wlan adaptor support in this build. I’ve also removed video capture and touch screen support (remember headless). There is no PowerVR GPU driver either (will wait until an official release is available in mainline). But I have retained HDMI support for framebuffer consoles etc, and I kept audio because the driver code is relatively straight forward.

System has been running well for the last few days, apart from one outstanding pci-e controller issue (that is recoverable): nvme QID timeouts on upstream branch · Issue #98 · starfive-tech/linux · GitHub

Look forward to your feedback.

Will be creating an updated Debian server image soon.