Libegl in closed source GPU driver

Hi, I am currently trying to get the GPU working based on a default Yocto system. But I wonder how to obtain the libegl. It seems to be present on the Debian SDK Image, but not in the 1.17 binary firmware delivery; even though EGL headers are available in the staging part of the archive.
Is it simply forgotten to be added to the export or is there another way to obtain it?

libegl is generated by mesa3d, you need add mesa library when compiling in Yocoto system

Thank you for the fast reply!
Just to be on the safe side: Should this be possible with a vanilla Mesa release (eg. 22.2) or are patches required. I see quite big Mesa patches added in the vision five buildroot, which I did not yet looked at in detail.

Got it, I had to go with the Mesa fork as used in the official buildroot with the PVR patches applied .
If anybody is interested, here is the link to the respective wip branch/draft PR for the meta-riscv Yocto layer: Provide support for VisionFive2 by cordlandwehr · Pull Request #382 · riscv/meta-riscv · GitHub
My current state is that I can boot a fully functional KDE Plasma Mobile shell as well as running Qt/KDE application. Nice observation BTW, the UI is smoother than on a Raspberry Pi4.