Kubernetes on visionfive cluster


I am running kubernetes on my two Startfive Visionfive SBC’s.
One of the is the version 1, the second is the version 1.2a.
Both of them run ubuntu with K3S on top.

Traefik, mariadb, postgresql, zabbix, nginx, phpmyadmin all run fine!


Sounds awesome, you have more specific details to share around how you got it working?

I ran i to some issues with the Gnome os releases for both Vision5 and Milk-V Mars where the boards suspends itself after couple minutes


the latest official debian release for vision5 has not network bridge kerbel support for docker


install ubuntu: https://ubuntu.com/download/risc-v


install k3s: GitHub - CARV-ICS-FORTH/kubernetes-riscv64: Status of work on running Kubernetes on RISC-V

After that, look for images that have riscv64 in their name.


Thank you, i found it interesting that no official ubuntu 22.04 is available but only 23.10

For another smaller risc-v board i use one of the other official Ubuntu 22.04 boards rootfs parition with a buildroot kenrle to run

Sounds interesting. Wouldn’t mind clustering mine tbh. Need to look into some solutions other than SLES HAE