Issues with installing debian on VisionFive 2

I am a super early bird backer of the VisionFive 2, and I cannot get either the 55 or the 69 version of the StarFive Linux image running on the StarFive. The led green led never turns on. I have tried refreshing the firmware using this method VisionFive 2 Debian Image Released - #75 by kesmik, and it worked, but I still cannot boot into the 55 or 69 image. The only image I can boot into is the build root image.

Any help is appreciated

For Image-69 you need to update/install/upgrade to the latest SPL and U-Boot binaries in your boards FLASH first.

The easiest way to do that would probably be with the v2.8.0 sdcard.img from
And following the relevant section of the QSG (Quick Start Guide) for updating the SPL and U-Boot.

Once you have done, which you say you have, then you might, depending on your monitor, hit a display problem, see this thread - “unified reply to a question about the display of debian69”.

For more help you really do need to be clearer than “I still cannot boot”, that does not help to narrow things down. If you disconnect the monitor and power up the board and leave it for say 5 minutes do the LED’s on the network port light up if you connect a cable. Do you have a 3.3 volt usb-ttl serial cable (or a RPi and 3 wires to use as a serial debugger).


Did you have switched the booting mode? Please keep it in SPI flash mode.

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Thanks so much!! That was the issue. I would just propose that you maybe mention in the manual not to change the boot mode, because I thought that SDIO was the right one.

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