Is VisionFive V1 abandoned?

Apologies in advance if this is a silly question.

I’ve been running the original VisionFive since shortly after its release and the Fedora build I was using stopped updating. The rvspace site no longer seems to host any OS images for the V1 board. It’s unclear whether the 32-bit core in that chip will ever be supported within Linux, which feels like a must-have. It seems the JH7100 is being completely replaced in the industry with the JH7110, which is fine and dandy, but I’d like to be able to use my board for practical applications since I have it and it’s quite capable.

I can, of course, look into bare metal coding and porting my own linux to it. I’ve seen a few posts on these forums with dead links to various OS builds. I’ve seen arch linux options but… I don’t use arch linux. Looks like I can target Slackware for it, but I don’t want to go through that much work for a system that looks to be abondoned by upstream support.

Anyone still using this board? Any tips on where to find the best supported OS builds for it?

Appreciate any assistance that can be provided!

There is a current, updated Ubuntu Server image for the VF1, and that’s what I use for mine. However, I don’t have much use for it compared to the VF2 despite that 32 bit core, so now it’s just sitting on my desk doing a whole lot of nothing.

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Much obliged! Yeah, I mostly just want to set it up to do some kind of static workload on my network at this point and then leave it alone, rather than really spend a lot of time relying on it as my main dev platform.

I definitely see why jh7110 is replacing its predecessor. It’s such a step forward for linux capable processing. It has very similar performance to the 4-core 32-bit Celeron system that got me through college, which makes me feel a bit nostalgic. That system was huge compared to this SBC, though.

Appreciate the help!