Is there a kernel update available?

I have Debian Image 69 full, and it comes with the 5.15.0-starfive kernel. However, the GUI is fairly unstable, it has crashed on me many times in one day of usage. I’m also having troubles getting the display output to work on my monitors. I was wondering if perhaps there was a kernel update available that could help out with this. I see that 5.18.0 is available with apt, but it doesn’t end with “-starfive” (I think it’s from Debian), so I don’t know if it’s compatible.

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If you use any kernel other than 5.15.0-starfive kernel, pretty much everything that you would want to work probably will not work (yet). What most companies do is take a baseline kernel and a baseline tool set and a baseline development environment and stick to that until a major release, and then rinse and repeat until your working and debugged submissions have been accepted into the Linux kernel. Otherwise you never know if problems are from changes you made or from upstream changes by others, and you spend more time trying to track down why things break or work than actually getting them to work. It is easier to board a stationary train, than one that is travelling at maximum speed when you are still learning to walk.