Is NVME Gen4 SSD working for visionfive2

I’m looking forward to get new 500GB NVMe drive for my visionfive2.
I will choose between these things.
Samsung PM9A1 M.2 NVMe
or Any recommendations? I chose Gen4 for future upgrades for my other machine.
Is there anyone tried these drive with visionfive 2?

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no problem running SN570 as well as HP EX900, both 4x gen3, but of course speed is much lower than expected, You can buy something much cheaper for now and there will be not much difference :slight_smile:

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I recently received a WD Blue SN570 1TB - SSD M.2 2280 - PCIe 3.0 (price EUR 70, incl VAT). It was recognised immediately and works well. Seems to have a better price-fun ratio than the WD Black SN770 here in the Netherlands. Same compared to the Samsung PM9A

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I got a Patriot P300, based on low power consumption, both in use and idle.

The idea was to minimize risk of issues to do with drawing too much power, or with cooling.

It works well and so far, I am quite happy with it.


It’s working!
PM9A1 (Samsung 980 PRO) works great!

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I feel obliged to point out this thread:

It’s a bit of a rambling discussion, but worth skimming.

Key point is that you need a good PD power supply for higher current (eg faster) drives.

Also note that since we only have a single PCIe lane available that will be the real implacable bottleneck, though maybe the bus can be overclocked? :wink:

Despite the bus limitation getting a ‘fast’ card with a lot of onboard DRAM cache could help a lot with responsiveness during random disk access, at the expense of drawing more power and being more vulnerable to PSU issues.


It just doesn’t work for me and I have no idea what to do about it

How does it not working, does it show up when you lspci
Or does it not even show up.

This could be power supply issue