Installing openKylin on VisionFive2

  1. Introduction

Tutorial for installing openKylin on VisionFive2

  1. Preparations

A TF card larger than 32G
A TF card reader
OS Image of openKylin VisionFive2

OS image download link:

There are other mirror sites at the bottom of the page, from which you can also download

  1. Install the system

Run the following command, Unzip the image archive to obtain the image file

unxz openKylin-1.0-visionfive2-riscv64.img.xz

Format the TF card with Disk Utility and burn the image to the TF card

You can use a burning tool such as BalenaEtcher directly, or you can execute a command

sudo dd if=</path/to/image.img> of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=1M status=progress

Replace </path/to/image.img> with the path to the image file

  1. Allocate TF card space

Run the following command to allocate the remaining space of the TF card to the root partition:

sudo apt install cloud-utils

sudo growpart /dev/sdb4

sudo resize2fs /dev/sdb4

Note: you need to confirm what your TF card device number is first, do not copy the command directly

  1. Boot for the first time

Insert the burned TF card into the card slot, replace it with SDIO boot mode, and power on

For more information about the boot mode switching, see

You can use a plastic rod or pin or the like to operate, no force is required, and you can just pull it gently

  1. Notes

Do not change or add APT repositories at will

Don’t sudo apt upgrade

  1. Reference

openKylin RISC-V安装指南:社区开发指南/riscv上安装


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