Image 202303

Hello all,

just installed the above. I can confirm that the nand/mtd partitions are now at sensible sizes.

root@starfive:~# cat /proc/mtd
dev: size erasesize name
mtd0: 00040000 00001000 “spl”
mtd1: 00300000 00001000 “uboot”
mtd2: 00100000 00001000 “data”

How do I get rid of this dreadful pink hue that is on the desktop.

I have just installed xfce, which seems to work. I do not like gnome.



I do not like gnome either. For the pink layer, i guess there is one script in /opt just execute it and reboot.

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Thanks for the hint. I have just turned the machine off.
I will have a look in the morning.
Hellish hue. Some people do not need drugs, they are there already.


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Hello folks, i am in image 202303 in my SF computer, but i do not have ethernet access and image 202303 do not recognize any USB WLAN… how get working my gnu fryf alfa awus036nha? where is the repos to manually download something to get working my wlan card?

Accoding to release note, this image seems a preview for wayland support. That’s why it uses gnome, since gnome has better support for wayland.

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I can confirm that /opt/ does NOT WORK for me.
I still have this hellish pink hue/overlay despite having run the script and restarted/shutdown.
I am using the same monitor (an old Benq 2K) that I have used with this board before.



PS I am running XFCE and x11.
PPS This is the script in action -

root@starfive:~# /opt/
++ colormgr get-devices
++ sed -n ‘/Device ID:/{s/.:\s//p;q}’

  • device_id=‘xrandr-BenQ GW2760H-7CD00746SL0’
  • echo xrandr-BenQ GW2760H-7CD00746SL0
    xrandr-BenQ GW2760H-7CD00746SL0
  • colormgr device-set-enabled ‘xrandr-BenQ GW2760H-7CD00746SL0’ False
  • echo xrandr-BenQ GW2760H-7CD00746SL0
    xrandr-BenQ GW2760H-7CD00746SL0

please run the /opt/ and restart
Sometimes it takes a few more iterations

Have done so several times. No change. Still the same nightmare.


@Stromkiller Start from a clean image, run the script before installing anything else.

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Another two hours work…

please try this:
Enable/disable color device in UI:
Settings → Color → Enable/Disable → reboot

Too late. Already reimaged.

@LivingLinux - works. What a pain in the arse this is.


Running the /opt/disable… script functions for the “user” user running on gnome on x11.
As soon as I switch to root, I have the pink nightmare and slow desktop again, despite running the abovementioned script several times.
About four hours ago, I had the same experience on XFCE, so I wonder what visionfive are trying to achieve here?
I use root exclusively, if I shoot myself in the foot, that is my fault.


What exactly do you mean by “switch to root” $ sudo /bin/bash" or $ su - ? Or something else ?

I should have been more specific, mea culpa.
Login as root was what I should have said.


No tips/tricks advice or ideas here?


PS xorg.log here. Might be of interest to hexdump0815. AIGLX has a problem.
I have altered nothing in xorg. Running the 202303 image.

PPS /usr/lib/riscv64-linux-gnu/dri/ does not exist/is missing, nor is it anywhere on the machine.