How to resume from suspend to ram

I use Debian of 202303.

I can suspend VisionFive2 with below command.

echo mem > /sys/power/state

And wake up from RTC event with below command.

echo +60 > /sys/class/rtc/rtc0/wakealarm

But I don’t know how to wakeup from other sources(GPIO or USB Keyboard …).

I haven’t dealt with that yet, but I guess this helps:

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I executed systemctl suspend, but it is as same as echo "mem" > /sys/power/state.
My board can’t wake up by USB Keyboard.

Have you already looked in here?

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It may be about hibernation.
My problem is suspend.

If someone know the way to suspend/wakeup(from USB Keyboard or GPIO), please let me know.

I tried this(like below), but my board can’t wake up by USB Keyboard.

echo enable > /sys/bus/usb/devices/usb1/power/wakeup (for each devices)

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