How to purchase VisionFive?

Updates on 2022.1.6

We are officially opening the sales page for VisionFive. People who have already registered in our order application will receive email updates and notifications, please follow the guidelines in the email to purchase VisionFive. Applicants from Mainland China will possibly receive phone calls or wechat messages instead.

In the meantime, we will close the registration form. People who have not yet registered please go directly to the sales pages to order VisionFive.

Global users other than Mainland China please use the following links to order VisionFive:

Customers from Mainland China will need to use the following site instead: 单板计算机 VisionFive StarFive-iCEasy商城

Thank you.


Previous messages:

The registration form for VisionFive Sale is open, please click on the following link to register your interest: StarFive VisionFive SBC order application

For Chinese version, please visit: 赛昉开源单板计算硬件平台销售登记

Upon the submission, staff from StarFive Technology will contact you when we have updates on VisionFive.

Please also keep an eye on this topic as we will keep updating the status of VisionFive. VisionFive is officially delivered on December. The purchase link will be updated in this topic.

Thank you for your interest and patience.


Great! May I know how much does the board cost? :hugs:

Thanks for asking. The price has not been officially released yet. Please follow this topic for any update and announcement.

The price is certain now, it will be $149 in US Dollar.


Dear Selina:
I am sorry I have a question need your help.
I am in Japan, I think the board “VisionFive” will be send from China to my office in Japan if I can buy that board.

I am in Japan and I want to buy the board “VisionFive”.
1.Will you kindly send the board “VisionFive” from China to my office in Japan if I can buy that board?
2.Do the price $149 include freight?

Hi Zhangwei,

Thank you for your interest on VisionFive.

Please do not worry, we will have global purchasing guidance for all customers apart from Mainland China. The board could be shipped to Japan, but may be not from China.

The price will be the same for all customers around the world. Please stay tuned. We will update our sales information as soon as it is available.

Dear Selina:
Thank you very much for your quick reply.
I got your information.
Thanks again.


will the package only contain the SBC itself or also a power supply and likely other accessories?

If there is no power supply included, any suggestions which one to use or how much power the SBC does draw?

Thank you

Hi, There will be no power supply and no battery on VisionFive. It need a power adapter (5V / 3A) with a USB Type-C Cable to power on.

good to know. Thank you very much.

start of sales StarFive VisionFive V1

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Hi Mara, this page has not been set up yet and is still under test. We will update the sales page as soon as it has been public. Thank you for your patience.

Hi Selina,

So the link provided by mara is not available yet?

Hi ShenK,this is one of the available purchase links. You could use this one to purchase. We will announce all available purchasing pages shortly.

Why do you delete my post? Is it wrong to tell pepople sell the board?

Hi, I got your information. I could not verify the link and the certification from StarFive sales team right now. Sorry that I might not allow you to share this information before I get StarFive confirmation on your qualification. You could contact if you would love to be the official distributor.

Thank you.

Hello, i ve just received this morning an email providing a link to purchase thé board ! Great !

Order done, delivery estimated to end of January.

Best regards,

I would like to know what is the reason for the delay in the delivery of the orders. I ordered the VisionFive more than a month ago (I can provide order no) and it was supposed to be delivered end of January. Now it is middle of February and according to the order details on AllNet.china it hasn’t been sent yet! I want to support this effort but I want to know what is going on.

Thank you.


Thank you so much for your support and your interest in VisionFive. Sorry for the delay of delivery. Because around Chinese New Year our factory were closed for several weeks, the testing process did not complete for all the boards that will be shipped to Allnet. We will no longer wait for all the boards to pass the test, and will send boards to Allnet in patches from tomorrow.


Thank you for the reply. Konstantinos