How to determine if we have the latest firmware, image, kernel installed?

Ok so after going through image-55 with the default firmware, I realized everybody will need to quickly upgrade their firmware to image-69. I upgraded the firmware with image-69-minimal using flashcp, then I shutdown, then I rewrote the full image-69 to the sdcard.

This is where I want to confirm I have the latest firmware and latest image.
Question #1 Are there any commands to verify what firmware is running?
Question #2 Are there any commands to verify what image is running?
Question #3 Have we got a central location status page somewhere holding the latest firmware/latest image/latest kernel that we can refer to verify what we’re running on the VF2 matches up?

When using the debian image, it seems we are frozen to a snapshot
We can’t use apt-get update/upgrade to install newer versions of packages.

So what are the next steps then?
As users where do we report bugs for the VF2 debian packages/kernel?
Where are the developers for this hanging out to discuss/inspect vf2 related code for packages?

Thank you for listening.

For question 1, currently we could only determine running firmware by reading bootlog from UART, firmware that supports 69 version is build at 2022.12.25.

Question 2 doesn’t have ways to solve, but since it’s you download system image by yourself, this seems not a problem…

For bug report, kernel issues seems should be reported at their GitHub repo.
Packages mostly are using Debian official version and bugs should report to Debian maintainers. Some modified packages’ source code are here: GitHub - starfive-tech/Debian
Also you could just report problems under image release topic.

Currently the whole SDK seems at a early state and might need some time to improve… Good news is that they are more willing to upstream device support than rockchip/allwinner…

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