How do I set up a GUI on Debian?

I have my VisionFive 2 set up with updated firmware and Debian Image 69 full. However, the HDMI output is just a black screen. How do I set up a GUI?

is there a cursor on the black sceen ?

FYI, I have 2 HDMI monitors. The first is black, using the 2nd works.

Both are same resolution (1920x1080).

I do not know why I can use one while the other shows black. ???

I have now tested 2 monitors and a TV. Both of the monitors have a black screen with no cursor. The TV shows a cursor but it does not move if I move the mouse. None of them ever get past this state, they are stuck.

Did you try this ?

That guide allowed me to successfully display on my 4K TV, but I still can’t get it to display on my non-TV monitors.

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do you have serial debug dongle? please attched booting log and feebacks after executing this command “modetest -M starfive -c”

$ modetest -M starfive -c
failed to open device 'starfive': No such file or directory

hmm, can you upload the full booting log, I need figure out what’s going on, have you replace the kernel?

Which logs specifically would you like me to upload?

I have not replaced the kernel, uname -a gives Linux starfive 5.15.0-starfive #1 SMP Mon Dec 19 07:56:37 EST 2022 riscv64 GNU/Linux

according to your log, it seems that the DRM is not working. so please provide the whole booting log from serial port. thanks