How are the youtube demo's so responsive?

Having watched several of the prototype engineering youtube video tests, I have attempted to get a similar result. I have yet to even be able to achieve a smooth 20+ fps playback from the openGL-ES benchmark test.

Before I dig into the finer details, how much more work might the testing engineers have done to get that performance seen on some of their videos beyond what is available out of the box on the Debian releases?

I am using nvme which now works excellent, but have also tested SD card boot. Perhaps I just need a larger heat sink? I cannot see a way that the current software, in its current state, would ever allow me to run the OpenGL benchmark, play a video (even at 480p), compile some software, and do all the things seen in some of the marketing videos that are not running on a much more capable cpu.


I guess the only way to do that, is to use the hardware video decoders.
But just like you, I haven’t been able to do so.
One thing you can try is to use h264ify. h264 uses less CPU than VP9, but it’s still only a marginal difference.

I don’t know if the VF2 can also use V4L M2M, but that would mean that hardware accelerated video decoding (now only h264) might get supported easily with Firefox.

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Correct as of now, you can add this h264ify into firefox so that the streaming could be translated to h264 which is supported by JH7110 hardware decoder.

For V4L M2M, we are still WIP for that.

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Sorry, I may not have been clear in my question:

When watching videos of previous VisionFive2 examples, on screen they seem to have multiple software demo’s running. How are they able to achieve such hardware acceleration and performance seen in these videos? I can’t get anywhere near those performance levels?

This is not a question about youtube video playback, but rather a comment about videos other people posted working with the hardware.

I see that this a serious point in trusting the video demos published on YouTube. My understanding is that, probably, they have a GPU firmware/driver/configuration/hints setting with a much better quality.

One way to workaround this is to select a group of forum members and send them the code of the demos, so they produce their own video and publish the YouTube links here. I AM NOT A CANDIDATE.

I will however appreciate the evolution of the video decoding over time as new releases are published.