Hope to run Godot in VF2

Godot is an excellent open source cross-platform game engine,It currently supports RISC-V, but currently does not support VF2 GPU devices, and the editor can only run through OpenGL and vulkan

Hopefully, Vulkan will be officially supported

Here I have submitted an issue to the Godot community, if you are interested, you can follow up

Does not run on the RISC-V64, VisionFive2 SBC, · Issue #80676 · godotengine/godot (github.com)

I heard! I even commented on that issue lol. They should try porting the editor to GLES.

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VF2’s GPU is support vulkan in PPT. But the drivers is not finish. :face_exhaling:
Mesa have a zink driver which translate opengl API to vulakn.
So, the world is waiting … :face_exhaling:

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