HDMI CEC support


I am currently using the kernel from the Fedora official image. I noticed that there is no device node for HDMI CEC. In the kernel logs, the TDA9950 device driver complains about lacking an IRQ.

Is the VisionFive supposed to support CEC? If so, is this a problem with the Device Tree not declaring the IRQ?

I can try to compile a new kernel and DT if necessary.


We have CEC support according to hardware layout, because it is an auxiliary function, the source code is in the following address but the function hasn’t been enabled (linux/drivers/gpu/drm/i2c at visionfive-5.15.y · starfive-tech/linux · GitHub). If interested, you could try to enable it.

I tried to compile a more recent kernel image following GitHub - starfive-tech/linux … but it refuses to boot, and as I have no serial port, I can’t see the early console and figure out what goes wrong. So I am currently stuck with the semi-official Fedora kernel image.

In any case, CEC is not a blocking item at this time. ALSA and DRM/KMS are more important items.

Hi Remi,

Could you try to update the kernel according to our document:

In the Updating Kernel and Modules Section.

Now I got it work, thanks. Though I had to deviate from the instructions because the current visionfive_defconfig disables LKMs (presumably for the convenience of kernel developers), while the instructions assume otherwise.

Also note that the instructions don’t mention how to generate the initial RAM disk. It just comes out of nowhere when the times comes to update the GRUB boot menu. Well, I know how to do it, so it does not affect me…

Thank you for your reminder, we will look into it.