H.264 support?

In the release of usdk, I saw that it supports omxh264dec and xh264enc of gstreamer, but I couldn’t find them in the gstreamer installed by dnf (I have already installed usdk_v2.3.0). So how can I get them?

Even if you could install the GStreamer OpenMAX plugins via DNF, you’d need to recompile them to apply the patches in the Freelight SDK… Bottom line, you need to compile them.

P.S.: There is also a kernel driver which exposes the Wave5xx VPU as a “proper” V4L2 memory-to-memory codec device:

So if you manage to puts the bits together in your kernel, kernel firmware and device tree, you should be able to decode using V4L2 rather than OpenMAX.

With that said, I have yet to try, and I don’t know the state of Gstreamer V4L2 codec support.

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