GPU usability on Debian

Can someone confirm if GPU is usable on the released Debian? Like GPU acceleration etc. This Youtube video said GPU acceleration is not available on Firefox, but I don’t know if it is only an issue of Firefox or GPU usability. At least according to Starfive, the board should expect to support APIs like WebGL, OpenGL and Vulkan.

I am still waiting for my board unfortunately.


WebGL is not a GPU API but something Browser related only.

The GPU in the VF2 do support OpenGL-ES, OpenCL and Vulkan. OpenGL ES and OpenGL are not the same thing, similar but not the same, as in you cannot run something running OpenGL ES on top of OpenGL, and vice-versa.

The fact that Firefox is not “accelerated” is most likely due to that. It may also depends on how Firefox was built.

So yes, there is a GPU, it support most standard mobile/desktop API, the only exception plain OpenGL.
If Firefox is not able to provide WebGL is is Firefox’s fault, not the GPU, as said, WebGL is not a GPU API, but a Web API.

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Yes, the GPU works. It supports opengl es and will support vulkan in the future. This board even runs Quake 3! Firefox supports hardware acceleration now.

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Any sources on how to accelerate the GPU for machine learning? with opencl/opengl