GPU tech supplier Imagination Technologies lays off 20% of staff

Is the GPU driver source code going to be released after all ?

GPU tech supplier Imagination Technologies lays off 20% of staff -sources (

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the source code of GPU is belong to imagination and require their license to be released.


and even if the company would shut down, that doesn’t mean, they release anything because the gfx chips and the software for them are then part of their bankruptcy estate.

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Step 1: Promise a driver and make money.
Step 2: Shut down the company and run.

Even Nvidia isn’t this bad…

What about got a GPU from AMD?
Like Exynos 2200. :face_exhaling:

This is unbelievable that this company wants our money but can’t deliver gpu source code still. I’m shocked.

Imagination exist for more than 40 years. They did not a “hit and run” there.

The open source driver is on the way to mainline, you can already get the patch if you look at the linux kernel mailing lists, and Mesa already have most of patches.

Laying off people don’t mean “the company is closing”


Well…it is…but not for the BXE32-4 but for IMG AXE GPU. If you know of any other driver, please provide a link to it or the correspondent KML entry.

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I can tell you that the engineer working on that project will add the BXE-4-32 from the VF2 and the BXM-4-64 from the TH1520 a bit later, probably once the current code is mainlined, but it may appear before


I really hope so…VF2 is the nearest to what I would love to see in the RV landscape currently and which is affordable.
I mean, if I could announce some wishes…an ATX mainboard with a 128 HART, 64 core CPU, up to 128 GB of DDR5/LPDDR5 RAM, 1x PCIe16, and 2x M.2 would be nice :wink:

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I am pessimistic about the jobs “timeline”.China is need a GPU to replace AMD/Nvidia/ARM .
GPGPU have other options. For example math card ,NPU etc.
But display card must have some “basic feature”: opengl/vulkan/proformence …
Any delay on hardware/software is bad for China.

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