GL4ES warp GL on wayland?

I am trying to compile GL4ES on the latest version of Debian with wayland. Trying flags upon cmake to avoid X11 and enable disable EGL.
Gives at running glxgears : mesa>>> /src/egl/drivers/dri2/egl_dri2.c:xxxx, dri2_initialize
or nothing without EGL as not X11.
I have trired to switch Debian to X11 it may be work better, but glitchy magenta colors and because it must work on wayland, I ask for.

It is possible to enable x11 with weston stuff ?

Btw, I am in the need of x11 with opengl (wxWidgets) and I am waiting to a new version of the OS. Is there a solution to avoid pink screen in xOrg version of 202303 ?

From the release notes for Debian 202303 “Known Issues”: “Pink screen overlay, need to use script in /opt/ and reboot, need to rerun it when using a different monitor as it ties to the monitor device ID.”

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it does not work on Xorg version of gnome.

When you go off script you will encounter new and interesting problems that ultimately might not be solvable until Imagination Technologies release source code for the BXE-4-32MC1 inside the JH7110. This has not happened yet, but it will happen eventually since Imagination Technologies have made a public commitment to open source. Part of the delay, as I see it, is that they are fully refactoring the source code for the three drivers from scratch that they have selected to open source first (PowerVR GX6250, IMG AXE 1-16M, IMG BXS-4-64). This is a much slower process than dumping legacy code on a public git somewhere. But in the long run it should accelerate support for other drivers. My guess would be that some code has licensing issues (licensed third party code from others) that prevent it from being uploaded without modification.

Or maybe StarFive will provide a solution with their next image (which is due soon), if you look at the link in my first post above under “What’s Next - WIP”, you will see “Improved X Desktop user experience” and “Vulkan support”.

You could end up banging your head against a brick wall trying to get something to work that you do not have access to enough source code (yet) to make happen. Sometimes the path of least resistance is to just wait a short while.


People are welcome to go to the Imagination Technologies forum to ask for support.


From my own understanding, this is not 3 different driver, but a single, the differences between each GPUs not big enough to have to make a new driver, they just have configuration for each GPU, so basically it should only be adding the configuration for the new GPU and of course being able to test.


I have succeeded in compiling opengl with GL4ES and wxWidgets on the latest build22306, and I am facing with red and blue inverted colors compiling wxWidgets with GTK3…
Note that textures and render target must be power of 2 and only vbo can be rendered.
The whole only with Xorg version of gnome.


Using “sudo apt-get install libgtk-3-dev” but what can be done with this RGBA / BGRA problem ? Exactly, opengl colors are good, it’s only wxImage objects that invert red and blue.

Here are the links for my 3D Soft port for riscv/VF2 :
You must use GL4ES and X11 to run it.
The player in full screen has glitches on the borders.
The Editor has gliches in menu and red/blue colors inverted in all wx menu bitmaps (toolbar, images), it uses wxWidgets with GTK3.