GCC and RiscV

Is there a version of GCC on VisionFive 2 that compiles faster than GCC build-essentials ?

If you have the courage to try fedora 40/rawhide on the vf2, you will find more recent versions of gcc available, but there is a catch.
You won’t have a desktop/gpu support.

The closest relative to fedora 40 would be euler os. There is an image for the vf2 if I recall correctly. You could try that but I make no guarantees or warranty about anything on the vf2 and be prepared to start from zero which means flashing everything via uart cable to make all of this happen or to repair everything. If you’re willing to go that route then go for it. If not, stick with what you have to preserve your debian desktop.

Faster is a tomorrow thing, fewer issues is important…
Use the lastest compilers is the only option. :face_exhaling: