Framebuffer support?

I don’t see /dev/fb0.
fbset complains and I have no way to test a framebuffer app (Smalltalk VM).
Is there support for a framebuffer device?
How would I enable it? [apt-get install?]
Thanks much!

Unfortunately, I believe framebuffer devices are baked into the kernel, so you’d need to recompile it to change the device tree.

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There is no DRM framebuffer support yet in the PVR kernel driver.
Xorg also doesn’t work with it out of the box without some patches

framebuffer has been deprecated by mainlain kernel. so we do not enable it again.

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I am able to use /dev/fb0 directly on LicheeAllwinner D1 Debian.
Sorry not to be able to use on StarFive.
Not critical.
Thanks much for the information.

KVM should work in newer Kernels. So you should have a output on tty

I just noticed this commit to the Star64 codebase for “drm/dc8200: implement fbdev

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Great, we could cherry pick this commit and test it, thanks @mzs