Feature request: Downloading Debian image

Hi all, gotta little problem: Can’t download the Debian image. I fired M$ (and AAPL) back in 2007 and happily swore I would never go back. OneDrive requires a M$ account to download and I flat refuse to open an account for my Debian Image. So,

I humbly request that RVspace create a torrent link and verification hash to allow curmudgeons like me to avoid the unpleasantness of interacting with the ghouls at M$.

And also, alphabet just got busted for industrial scale theft of intellectual property. Keep your good ideas to yourself and avoid google as much as possible.


That’s weird, I downloaded from OneDrive without an account.
I used Firefox on Pop!_OS and I’m in the EU.

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Same here, no Microsoft account and never asked about one.

Maybe because I use a security fork of Firefox called Librewolf. I tried to download it 3 times and each time it asked me for a login.

Will try it with a unadulterated version of Firefox.

Nope, just tried with a default version of Firefox and got the same. No login, no download. I’m using LMDE in the U.S.

Hmmm, can you try with a VPN to spoof EU location?

I’ve been looking for an excuse to set up a VPN. Will get back to you.

I relocated to EU via VPN and still got the login nag. No joy,

I just checked again and even though I never logged in live.com, it did install 12 cookies using 72.5KiB of storage into my web browser. And I’m able to download files. I deleted those 12 cookies exited my browers, started it again, went to https://debian.starfivetech.com/ clicked on OneDrive. And downloaded a new file, still not asked to login. I checked my cookies after the download and I now have 17 cookies for live.com using 193 KiB of storage.

By default, my browser blasts all cookies into oblivion every time I close it. It’s weird, I don’t have any exotic settings on my LMDE 5 install. I don’t have a clue why M$ loves me so much. Maybe our good friends here will put up a torrent link. :wink:

Edit: I just did a little test. I dug out one of my old Dell 6410 laptops that I use to evaluate software. It has Kubuntu on it and when I went to the download page and selected OneDrive, I got a login nag there too. I wonder, does RVspace use a U.S. based server to handle traffic in N. America?

Note: I even tried the Baidu link and immediately got bogged down in the fun game of trying to guess what I was clicking on…

I see a directory called VisionFive2. Perhaps Baidu also wants you to login. :upside_down_face:

Yeah, I got the same impression, but then I began to worry that the Baidu download would be a Chinese language version and after downloading and installing I would reboot into a totally Chinese screen. Put a quick halt to my nascent plan.

Since this is a “feature request”, I’m guessing that at some point someone from RVspace will reply…at least I hope so.

@drspin don’t worry, the Baidu download should be same as the OneDrive download. Both are English versions with no Chinese.

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To download from Baidu, for me, it asks me to setup an Baidu account (Chinese language only - which is not unexpected). Baidu requires me to install an application on my mobile phone and receive an SMS from Baidu.

I looked up what information the Baidu application would harvest if I installed it, and the developer says that the application does not collect user data.

But the data that the application requires to be shared is my physical location (GPS latitude and longitude).
Under “Security practices” in the app store it lists the following:
Data is encrypted in transit - Your data is transferred over a secure connection.
Data can’t be deleted - The developer doesn’t provide a way for you to request that your data be deleted.

Baidu requiring my exact physical location, means that I for one will not be setting up a Baidu account to download an image file. Especially since OneDrive, for me, does not require an account to download the image file.

Hay you guys, WONDER OF WONDERS, I’ve been randomly trying to download from OneDrive and this time for no reason at all, I got the save dialog, and this from my main LMDE 5 working machine. Maybe I just held my tongue right or something.

I still hope our good friends at RVspace will offer the torrent option and tell M$ to take a hike. Thanks for all your excellent comments.

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You should ask them to host the files themselves on RVSpace and then let the community torrent it.