Failed to build instructions for downloading SDK

Wish to get some tips on why I cant successfully build instructions, toolchains.

For this error, I have already checked the directory and path whether got spaces, TABs or newline characters. All paths do not have the spaces, TABs or newline characters.

The given documentation mentioned that by typing the make -j$(nproc) command, the 3 toolchain (u-boot-spl.bin.normal.out, visionfive2_fw_payload.img, and as well as some files will be generated under work/ directory.

However, I still cannot get the point why I cant fully create the complete correct work/ directory.

$ echo ${PATH}
and look for spaces, TAB’s or newlines

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there are some paths that are not listed at the file in left side.

actually, I abit blur with the SDK quick start guidance which the 7th part, appendix which is also similar the build instructions, just I dont use a local TFTP server, I want to make the microSD card target. for my case, I choose to build the image file with command make -js(nproc), and flash into the sd card, then insert into the VF2 board.

However, I not able to get the points of why the path name with spaces occurs in the list at terminal, but not at the actual file in the left side. Hope to get guidance on this.

I have tried to search some methods like remove the unwanted characters by using tr command, or rename the file, but I cannot link like the paths that got unwanted characters are not listed in the file in white page that one, then how can I rename or remove… this is my confusion…

So it looks to me like you are trying to compile under Windows Subsystem for Linux instead of under Linux. Never used it so no idea how to troubleshoot it, maybe search for a solution ? Or plug something like “WSL path solution space tab newline” into your search engine of choice.

I guess what I would attempt to do might be to overwrite my entire PATH with only entries that are free from spaces. And then “export PATH”, but that is what I would do in a fully UNIX environment, no idea if it will break anything, or work as expected, in a WSL environment - since I’ve never used. Or try to escape sequence all the illegal space characters with a \ character
:/mnt/c/Users/Tan Hon Chi/AppData/Local/Programs/Microsoft VS Code/bin:
would become
:/mnt/c/Users/Tan\ Hon\ Chi/AppData/Local/Programs/Microsoft\ VS\ Code/bin:
… rinse and repeat for every entry.

The problem is because of Microsoft WSL and nothing to do with the build process. At a guess it is importing and including your full dos/windows path with the Linux Subsystem PATH but without escape sequencing illegal characters for a UNIX path. It is just odd.

Oh and do not make any mistakes when modifying your PATH (double check, triple check and then change, zero mistakes), a broken path can be bad. And only modify your .bashrc PATH by testing the changes opening a new shell, while keeping your current working shell open and unchanged so that you can rollback/fix any mistakes or typos.