Does VisonFive board miss a chip beside type-c connect?

Hi all,
I order and got a board from iceasy site(VisionFive现货供应_数据手册PDF_RSIC-V开发板_StarFive-iCEasy商城), After received the board, I checked the board miss a chip(see below picture) beside thie type-c connect。
Is it a defective board? Does this effect the board work correctly?

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It seems I can’t upload an image to the post :upside_down_face:

Could you try again to upload the picture so we could look up? If the picture is smaller than 10M, it could be uploaded.

The IC is optional mount, it will not affect the board work .

Yes, My means is this IC.

I upload picture(miss ic mount) to below link, pls help check.
IC miss mounted

VisionFive board is in co-lay design with 2 versions of IC (IP2315 or CH224D). The IC is for PD power input, and will be mounted in the front of the board or the back of the board depending on the availability.

There is no layout or function difference.

Layout comparisons:


Got it , thanks for your clarification。