Does JH7110 have the V extension?

I know the U74-MC core doesn’t support the V extension but I still want to know if JH7110 have the V extenstion

JH7110 uses U74,so it doesn’t have Vector.


While I’ve not seen dates for when real people can get production devices with them, the two cores from SiFive featuring Vector look to be Dubhe and X280.

Introduction To The SiFive Intelligence X280 - SiFive (or maybe the 270)

Both of them seem to be pretty far out as we haven’t seen discussions of parts sampling, boards featuring the chips, etc. The gap between what they have running in simulation and/or are licensing to others to make for internal use and what you can actually buy off the shelf seems pretty substantial, which makes tracking the devices pretty hard.

JH7110 definitely doesn’t have Vector 1.0. For now, emulation and FPGA seem to be the best ways to get your toes wet with that tech, it seems.

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Thank you for your reply! I have just bought a board with the allwinner D1 soc and it has the vector extension, so I am pretty curious about if the JH7110 has this extension.

D1 doesn’t have V1.0; it has an unreleased and largely unsupported by industry toolchains 0.7.1 development snapshot of what was to become Vector 1.0. It also contains spec violations in places like PTE mapping, so it’s been a battle to get it mainstreamed in tool support. You can pull both specs and compare them tomsee if the differences matter to you, but they’re definitely binary incompatible. The core concepts match pretty well, but if you create. 0.7.1 Vector masterpiece for D1, expect work once the V 1.0 chips inevitably ship in quantity.

As I said, I know of no production chips shipping yet with Vector 1.0, but it’s supported by several FPGA streams and many simulators that let the compilers, OS, debugger, and related tools converge in support before they’re commercially available.

The gap between what’s announced by the chip industry and what you can actually buy seems to be large. It can be challenging to differentiate what’s on a web site and what an individual can actually buy in single quantities at reasonable prices.

Remember that JH 7110 is the first RISC-V design with 4 cores at 1.5Ghz (and a real GPU) that I can think of for under $100USD. It’ll help mainstream RISC-V and I really look forward to seeing Vision Five r2 and Star64 and likely other boards with it, but it’s still behind competing ARM parts for price/performance. That head start will keep the RISC-V designers busy for years.