Docker Installation VisionFive2

I feel that the RISC-V platform is speedy (when running optimized code) and strikes me as very stable, with no crashes in days of usage ever.

I know that to introduce the VisionFive2 to marketability in my field, I would need docker (and docker-compose) to be fully functional.

However, I have Been having issues getting docker installed.

I would like to collaborate with the community to try to get Docker running.

After that, I would like to create a script to set up a compilation toolchain so my colleagues can recompile their containers with compatibility to RISC-V
I think this is in the best interests of all here, as well as the population in general, as RISCV is stable and quick. Lower costs with lack of expensive licensing.
Finally better for the environment with lower power usage.

Here are the documents I have been following:



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I use from Ubuntu repository Ubuntu – Details of package in mantic. Its work, but it has a couple trouble.

This version have error. Not working with java. Thread about it. A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment inside docker riscv64 · Issue #697 · adoptium/adoptium-support · GitHub
Error fixed, now necessary make a fresh build or wait then somebody will do it)

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update-alternatives --config iptables
  • Reboot
  • What you may also want to do is enable binfmt to allow you to run x86_64 and arm containers as not everything is built for riscv.
docker run --name binfmt --privileged tonistiigi/binfmt:qemu-v6.1.0 --install all

There are not that many choices for base images, I’m usually using ubuntu and they do not regularly build for riscv.
They created a build at the end of last year that works fine so you may want to use the tag: ubuntu:lunar-20221216.

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Docker is supported on Risc V under Gentoo
See app-containers/docker – Gentoo Packages

If you want to try Gentoo Read this complete thread

Then when you install Docker Images be prepared to build them yourself an not all Docker Images support Risc V out of the box.


it sounds like i will go with Ubuntu over Debian. Also gentoo sounds promising but i dont have too much experience with it.

i will update you kind people when i get some results (or errors)

ubuntu will not install on NVMe. I will try again in a couple years

@GarretSidzaka if you want to install ubuntu on an NVME ssd you will need to update the kernel. You will also need these kernel updates for docker to work as well.
Follow instructions here Daily Ubuntu Kernel Builds - Now With 100% More APT Repo! for easy kernel updates.
Once the kernel is updated you will be able to install and boot ubuntu from NVME without any problems.