Difference in pinout of MIPI CSI Camera connector and SF_VF2 v1.3B board connector


While going thru the documentaion of connecting MIPI CSI camera to Startfive Visionfive 2 board v1.3B (SF_VF2), i noticed a difference in the pinout of the MIPI CSI Connector on the camera and that on the SF_VF2 board.

A) As per the documentation
2-Lane MIPI DSI Pin Definition (rvspace.org)

The pin definitions show in the diagram are as follows.
Pin 11: SCL, Pin 12: SDA, Pin 13: Gnd, Pin 14: 3v3.

The compatible camera modules are based on Sony IMX219 sensor.

B) Whereas from the camera module description. ( Raspberry Pi v2 based on IMX219)
SCHEMATIC1 : PAGE2 - CAMERA (raspberrypi.com)

Pin 11: Enable, Pin 12: NC, Pin 13: SCL, Pin 14: SDA
Arducam website also says their IMX219 based camera modules are compatible with raspberry pi 3 & 4
Raspberry Pi Camera Pinout - Arducam


Pin 11: Enable, Pin 12: Led , Pin 13: SCL, Pin 14: SDA

C) Further nVidia Jetson nano MIPI CSI pinout is confirmant with the connector on the camera modules.

Requesting to kindly clarify whether this observation makes sense. Pl share your thoughts on this.