Debian 69 - Intenso NVME not detected?

Hey. I just managed to update to 2.5.0 and booted Debian version 69.

But my new NVME SSD isn’t detected :confused: It is blinking, but maybe i have to do something else then build it in?
How can i get it to work?

Thank you :slight_smile:

any booting log from serial port? or dmesg

I think your SSD is SATA interface (there are 2 notches), I don’t know the board support SATA M.2 or not. My SSD that I’m using is PCIe interface.

I also believe this is a SATA SSD and not an NVMe SSD.


What SunWukong said is correct, you need an NVME SSD with the correct “notch” to fit the NVME interface on this board.
Here is one article (of many) explaining the differences - 2 Types of M.2 SSDs: SATA and NVMe - Kingston Technology

Boot the board from the (ugh…) SD card, then insert the (correct) NVME SSD and check the ring buffer (dmesg) for messages e.g. /dev/nvme… detected.
The command “lsblk” will tell you immediately if all is well or not.


M.2 NVMe SSD’s were not designed to support hot-swap. It is a PCIe bus, you never plug PCIe cards into a powered up computer.

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Have been doing so for years, with no problems. The RPI4 for example.

Oh I’m sorry :confused: I accidentaly bought a SATA SSD… I switched to a real NVMe and everything is fine now. :slight_smile:


@mzs is correct; you are rolling the dice if you are hotswapping PCIe devices in systems not designed for that. I would not risk it. In my previous company I was literally the guy who wrote the firmware for PCIe hotswap, but our connectors and cables were all designed to do it safely (eg. power and ground would connect before signals). With the M.2 connector it looks much to easy to screw it up.

Add: “never plug PCIe cards into a powered up computer” is however not true in general. PCIe has explicit provision for hotswap, but it’s option, not a requirement.