Countdown 1 Day! StarFive will share two speeches on RISC-V Summit North America 2023

The RISC-V Summit North America 2023 will be held November 7-8 in Santa Clara, California (PST). The summit will bring together innovators and technology leaders from the global RISC-V community to showcase RISC-V products and solutions.

Starting from the RISC-V Member Day on November 6th, StarFive will deliver two speeches at this summit:

l November 6th, sharing the "Introducing RISC-V Platform Management Interface (RPMI) " at the technical and industry working group meeting;

l November 8th, sharing keynote speech "Insight of Linux Distro Optimization for RISC-V: Using VisionFive 2 Debian as Example ". Looking forward to meeting you at this summit.

In addition to the 2 exciting presentations, DeepComputing will showcase the DC-ROMA Pad, a new generation RISC-V product based on StarFive’s JH-7110 SoC, in the main venue Launchpad on November 7th p.m.

Speech 1: Introducing RISC-V Platform Management Interface (RPMI)

Modern SoCs have moved from single application processor systems to multi-core homogeneous and heterogeneous application processors. This trend has led to having one or more management controllers in the SoC which provide the application processors targets for offloading system management, power management, and control tasks. This evolution has necessitated the use of standardized interfaces for seamless communication between the different processors/components within the SoC.

The RISC-V Platform Management Interface (RPMI) is a new specification that defines message-based communication between application processors and management controllers. The RPMI specification describes both the messaging protocol and its messaging transports, where the protocol is independent of the transports.

This talk presents a high-level overview of the upcoming RPMI specification and a demonstration of an RPMI implementation in QEMU, OpenSBI, and Linux.

Speech 2: Insight of Linux Distro Optimization for RISC-V: Using VisionFive 2 Debian as Example

To promote the widespread compatibility of the RISC-V platform across applications, the Linux distribution has significantly lowered the barriers to entry for users and developers. The Linux distribution provides a familiar environment and toolset for developers to easily start their RISC-V experience and encourages them to develop software for this platform.

In this talk, StarFive will launch the Debian distribution on VisionFive 2 and optimize insights from a distribution perspective, including GPU, codecs, and cryptographic blocks.

StarFive will share some of its findings and optimizations made so far. Hope this sharing can promote more communication and cooperation within the RISC-V software community, promote the development of the software ecosystem from a performance perspective, integrate these findings into the next-generation CPU architecture to look for new and potential RISC-V scenarios, and continuously expand the RISC-V ecosystem.

StarFive Product Center: (With the latest product flyer)

To see the whole sessions:


It’s great!! Congratulations.
I hope that the collaboration between countries to develop this magnificent architecture is not undermined by economic interests.
I bought a VisionFive 2 and I am very happy with the development it is having.
thank you


Any chance the talks will be recorded and available for viewing later? if so, where and when?


At present, there is no official live streaming/recording, we will continue to pay attention to the follow-up updates: Schedule | Linux Foundation Events

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now you can review the keynote on YouTube:

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