Compatible Linux distros with 3.6.1?

Are there any other distros compatible with 3.6.1 other than the official Debian release? Running on an SD card. Thanks

You are welcome to try my image Arch Linux Image for VisionFive 2


You can run the SDK buildroot image that’s on GitHub iirc.

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You can try:
(1) uncompress( or cross install ,this is depend on distro) the target distros rootfs to a temp-dir
(2) copy /lib/{modues,firmware} to temp-dir
(3) make temp-dir’s system can run ( you can try use systemd-nspawn command with -b to test).
(4) tar temp-dir
(5) format sd card’s 4th partition which is installed new VF2’s debian . ( this step and next you need another devices. eg a PC or a new sdcard & reader )
(6) untar temp-dir to the partition
(7) tweak etc/fstab
(8) use this card to boot

In common , this is can let you run any riscv64 linux .

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Amazing! This is exactly what I was looking for! :slight_smile: You even added the USB wifi firmware. Thank you so much!

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The official debian-202308 image seems ok, but the nftables kernel firewall is not working because of lacking kernel support. That is pity.

I do not use the official Debian as I prefer a headless distro for now. But thank you.