CE/FCC granted

VisionFive 2 has successfully passed all CE/FCC tests and has been granted the certification:


Amazing, thank you!

Why the necessity to block the addresses and names on these certificates?
When individuals do this I feel something shady is going on.
Usually when companies hide their names and addresses, it’s because they hope to hide or protect themselves from any liability. It’s funny because every invidual that backed this VF2 provided their names and addresses while here in this case Starfive is not being transparent about themselves. I thought when we discuss about buying open-hardware it means open in every aspect or at least strive for this.

Help us to continue to establish trust and confidence in Starfive and their products. By hiding names and addresses, it’s not strenghening that trust and confidence in the longevity of the product line for sure.

I looked at that as well and thought the same and then I did a bit of thinking about it for a while and I came to the conclusion that publishing all the information might help scammers.

A few seconds of effort will gain you six addresses if you really need them.

If you have outsourced manufacture to a different company, which I am sure is the case here (because it is cheaper, just like you do not fab your own silicon chips, unless you are Intel or Texas Instruments or …), it is always a bad idea to publicly provide that information to help any potential competitors.

As for the hiding the test report numbers, I do not really care about it. I’d prefer to know the FCCID, but even knowing it right now does not help, because it may take a few months for the authorisation to appear on the parts of the FCC website that do not require a special account to access. The last publicly accessible report “Receipt Date” for the Test Firm “Shanghai ATBL Technology Co., Ltd.” was 2023-01-04. And all delays are just because the FCC always have a backlog. No fault of StarFive or the accredited Test Firm.


Thanks for enlightening me.

The other thing is that those images above will end up being used by third party distributors. And legally since the distributors bulk buy their stock from StarFive (20 to 40% discount is not uncommon - which is their profit margin less any costs like rent, security, insurance, lighting, heating, staff, internet, servers, …) and sell it to a third party (the end user), it would be their responsibility to replace faulty boards (Troubleshoot and arrange RMA with StarFive if deemed necessary) or any boards damaged through poor shipping (chase up any insurance with freight companies). So I can see why StarFive would want to hide their address, since legally the distributors owns the item that they are selling and not StarFive.

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Awesome! Congrats!