Can't create custom SPL - Board doesn't boot

I’m working in porting a bootloader to VisionFive instead of using standard U-Boot SPL. I have been looking into the boot specs at JH7110 Boot User Guide ( but can’t find a way to boot using the offset where SPL should live. Is there an additional header, padding or something else to be taken into consideration?
My linker is very similar to u-boot/arch/riscv/cpu/ at master · u-boot/u-boot ( but still no lucky…
Thank you in advance!

SPL image needs to be prepared with

and depends on what media you use (qspi/emmc/sdcard), it needs to be flashed differently. For qspi, it’s at offset 0. For sdcard/emmc, see this:

The device firmware loads U-Boot SPL (u-boot-spl.bin.normal.out) from the partition with type GUID 2E54B353-1271-4842-806F-E436D6AF6985. You are free to choose any partition number.

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Sorry for the late reply. Thank you! I will give a try.