Can I use DL stuffs for 3D acceleration?

I ordered StarFive VisonFive V1 and it come with 2 cores and without GPU Acceleration

I wonder if possible to use Nvidia Deep Learn Acceleration and Neural Network Engines for 3D acceleration with modified version of MESA

For current status and progress of NVDLA and NNE, please refer to:

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There is certainly some overlap in the hardware functionality between GPUs and NPUs. And then, there is also the M core that I am not sure if it is currently used for anything.

My educated guess is that some 2D post-processing should be feasible, with considerable efforts to repurpose the device drivers, and a better understanding of the maths involved than I afford. However I doubt that full-fledged 3D with GL or Vulkan would be feasible at a meaningful speed. Then again, don’t take my word for it.

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