Broken link in doc; fix included

At JH7100 Datasheet | RVspace it attempts to link to which doesn’t exist. A suggested fix would link to

There may be some fancy way to respect the language across the link, but this at least lands somewhere better than a fancy 404 page.

Thank you.

thank you ,we will fix it.


Could you guide me the address to the broken link? Is it in one of the topics? Thank you!

Ah, I see now. The clever scrolling thingy on the left doesn’t rewrite the URL bar for <a name=> links, so the link I copied doesn’t have the # part.

JH7100 Datasheet | RVspace will take you right to it.

Since I had to look at the HTML source to extract the link (please consider losing the #ref as another bugreport, please) the line that gets the link wrong is:

...refer to <a class="is-internal-link is-invalid-page" href="[/Product/VisionFive/Technical_Documents/JH7100_Boot_User_Guide](">JH7100_Boot_User_Guide</a>.</p><div>

The href is missing the “/en/” part.

Hope that clears things up. Thank you for the prompt attention to such a minor thing.

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While I have your attention, VisionFive Single Board Computer Quick Start Guide | RVspace presents the (awesome) Balena Etcher option only for Windows. That program is actually available for all three mainstream OSes and works the same way. You still have to decompress the file before handing to Etcher - just like on Windows - but maybe you can simplify that section a bit with this tip.

thanks your advice. we prefer to use the command line on linux.

Fix confirmed. Thank you.