Boot Stuck at mipi_0p9 disabling

I received my board yesterday and I am unable to boot it from the official Debian image (totally no HDMI output), and then I tried to use the sd image from the GitHub release v2.11.5, but it still failed. The screen showed it got stuck at mipi_0p9: disabling, and pressing the keyboard won’t help. What should I do now?

用官方的Debian 镜像直接没有任何输出, 用github上的那个有输出, 但是没法启动, 敲键盘也没反应. 到mipi_0p9: disabling 就卡住了, 请问一下如何解决?

Have you read VisionFive 2 Debian Wiki - 202302 Release?

Did you see that at the beginning of the wiki?

Known Issues

  • 4K resolution is not working in X
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Is the sdcard.img file on GitHub release also a Debian image? I tried the Debian image and it did not work and I contacted the seller, he informed me that I need to upgrade the uboot using the image from GitHub, and gave me the link to the Github release.

请问那个github上的sdcard.img也是debian吗. 我一开始debian用不了, 去问闲鱼上卖开发版的, 他给了个论坛链接让我先去升级uboot然后就能用了, 那个里面教程就是用github release里面的sdcard.img刷进去然后进入系统.


Please read:
*VisionFive v2 Debian Download Link
*Boot Mode Settings