Boot Stuck at mipi_0p9 disabling

I received my board yesterday and I am unable to boot it from the official Debian image (totally no HDMI output), and then I tried to use the sd image from the GitHub release v2.11.5, but it still failed. The screen showed it got stuck at mipi_0p9: disabling, and pressing the keyboard won’t help. What should I do now?

用官方的Debian 镜像直接没有任何输出, 用github上的那个有输出, 但是没法启动, 敲键盘也没反应. 到mipi_0p9: disabling 就卡住了, 请问一下如何解决?

Have you read VisionFive 2 Debian Wiki - 202302 Release?

Did you see that at the beginning of the wiki?

Known Issues

  • 4K resolution is not working in X
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Is the sdcard.img file on GitHub release also a Debian image? I tried the Debian image and it did not work and I contacted the seller, he informed me that I need to upgrade the uboot using the image from GitHub, and gave me the link to the Github release.

请问那个github上的sdcard.img也是debian吗. 我一开始debian用不了, 去问闲鱼上卖开发版的, 他给了个论坛链接让我先去升级uboot然后就能用了, 那个里面教程就是用github release里面的sdcard.img刷进去然后进入系统.


Please read:
*VisionFive v2 Debian Download Link
*Boot Mode Settings


I have a similar problem with the EDK2 distro. I prepared the SDcard as directed by the wiki and booted up my 1.3 VF2. Nothing shows on the monitor unless I attach the USB-TTY connector when output appears on both the HDMI monitor and minicom terminal. the boot stops at mipi_0p9 disabiling followed by crng init done. Nothing on the keyboard or minicom terminal gets the boot to resume. The boot mode settings are the same as used to successfully boot the 202306 image.

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Yes, I also had the same issue

I tried using two monitors, neither are 4K resolution. One is 1080p, another is even less. I still get this error though.

I used sdcard.img from VisionFive2 Software v3.9.3 (Release JH7110_VF2_515_v3.9.3)

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sdcard.img is not debian, it is SDK.
debian is this link VisionFive 2 Debian Wiki - 202311 Release | RVspace

I am trying to update the firmware first.

This instruction

And this instruction

both say to use sdcard.img

oh, this article is show you how to update spl and uboot. After up dating spl and uboot you should flash debian image and boot from QSPI.

I was able to complete firmware flash over ssh, but still don’t know why HDMI always gives same failure.

I updated spl and uboot, but can’t boot from debian image on SD Card. Power light turns on red and never changes. No boot splash or anything. If I go back to sdcard.img on SD Card I can boot again, but debian image does not boot (I verified checksums to confirm no corruption).

If i switch boot mode and try to use UART to boot then I only get CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC output.

page 45
You are in recovery mode…your console is giving you a bunch of CCCCCCCCC
The board is waiting to receive the binaries.

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