Boot Mode Settings

I’ve recently gotten the debian image via the torrent.

After flashing to a microSD card, I’m able to hook up my USB-Serial connector (this model from adafruit, it seems to need the power pin also connected to work…not just the three wires specified in the guide) and get through the boot process into the system and login through the serial terminal. At this point, it is connected to the network, ssh is working, etc.

Now I’d like to normalize the boot process a bit, so that it will startup without having to have the serial cable connected.

Reading the last two pages of the Quick Start Guide, it indicates that there are four options I can set the “Boot Mode” jumpers to:

Boot Mode RGPIO_0 RGPIO_1
1-bit QSPI Nor Flash 0 0
SDIO3.0 1 0
eMMC 0 1
UART 1 1

I’m guessing SDIO3.0 might be for SD cards??? But I’m not familar with that acronym.

Then there is the question of what setting actually means 1/0.

I think the guide indicates that having the knobby part to the left is high/1 and right is low/0. Is that correct?

Also, it is a bit confusing but the RGPIO_1 is on top and RGPIO_0 is bottom.

Thus on my board

[   -> ]  RGPIO_1
[ <-   ]  RGPIO_0 

should get me SDIO3.0?


i got from Selina the following answer for SD boot. And that setting works for Debian image and SDK Image.

Hi dtometzki,

The advice would be switching to QSPI flash to boot.

I think that’s typo, should be RGPIO_0 is bottom. :grinning:

Now the Debian boot flow only support QSPI mode which means that Debian image only include kernel and filesystem except spl/uboot, but our SDK based on buildroot is support to boot from SDIO/eMMC/QSPI.

Directly booting from eMMC/SDIO) for Debian is WIP. stay tuned.


I think that’s typo, should be RGPIO_0 is bottom. :grinning:

Yep, fixed above.