Boot mode “QSPI” Level 0,0 question

I don’t understand one thing about the QSPI Level 0,0 boot mode.

I did the update SPI flash to the latest SPL/U-Boot binaries with the sdcard image with no problems.

Why do the various distros that support our board boot only in QSPI mode levels 0,0 and not with the dip switch set to SDCARD?

Among other things with the nvme ssd with the official release I can’t use other distros on the sd card because only the nvme ssd boots.

I had to remove the nvme ssd to use the QSPI level 0,0 boot to play other distros.

Can someone explain to me why the other images don’t boot with the dip switch set to SDCARD?

Thank you

SDCARD mode needs image to intergrate u-boot stuff but most distro did not do this. SPI mode would use the u-boot inside on-board spi flash so these distros would boot at this mode.

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Because the switcher changes where the spl/uboot will be loaded. It is not decided boot which linux.

QSPI mode is load the spl/uboot which storaged in QSPI Nor Flash.
SDCARD mode is load from SD-CARD.
MMC mode is load from eMMC module.
UART mode is load from QSPI Flash and boot into a cmd-line mode.