Boot for 60Hz refresh monitor

My Vision5 boots with a 100Hz video signal, which is out of spec for my monitor. How can I change the boot kernel configuration for a 60Hz video refresh rate ?
Can I manually edit /boot/config-5.15.0-61.fc33.riscv64 at comment “Kernel features” ?

Do you mean HDMI monitor? Did you connect the monitor before power on?

yes, monitor on before power to vision5

What version of fedora image are you using? the newest fedora image is release in 2021.12.26, kernel is 5.15.10 .

This is as supplied on the SD card:
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 11M Nov 11 2021 vmlinuz-5.15.0-61.fc33.riscv64
-rw-r–r–. 1 root root 11M Dec 25 20:40 vmlinuz-5.15.10+
-rw-r–r–. 1 root root 11M Dec 25 20:41 vmlinuz-5.16.0-rc6+
As only the top one is executable, I assume that is the image loaded.
Without video I use an ssh terminal

It look the Fedora image version is newest.
would you please take a picture of the prompt on the dispaly?
do you have the whole boot log of visionfive from serial port?

dmesg output:
dmesg (51.8 KB)
I will send photo of 98Hz error message from the screen next

98Hz refresh rate error message shown on hdmi monitor screen:-

in place of grub.cfg at /boot/efi/EFI/fedora I have instead a binary file: grubriscv64 and I have no templates at /etc/grub.d or chance to use grub2-mkconfig to make changes to the boot process.

here is an extract from: config-5.15.0-61.fc33.riscv64 :-1: config-5.15.0-61.fc33.risc64
looks like 100Hz is set here
kernel seems to be aligned with fedora 33, but 36 is now available.

Do you have another HDMI monitor to try?

This configuration value has nothing to do with your problem, it has nothing to do with the TV frequency at all. I have this value in the config and everything works fine on a TV with 60 Hz. What is the monitor model and how is the monitor connected to the StaFive (cable length and type)? You can force the resolution and frequency settings in the kernel command line parameters and check the operation (for example, take an Altlinux image and add the desired value to extlinux.conf).

Thanks, I’ll take another look at the problem.