Barrier - SSL - wrong version number - How to fix?


I try to setup barrier (software KVM switch, so you can use one Keyboard and mouse with your main PC and VF2.)

Sadly there seems to be a version mismatch.

On the VF2 i get: SSL - wrong version number in the Logfile.

I read on other posts that openssl is an older version.

I assume this is the cause ?

How can i update ?

The sources list does point to unstable already.

Thanks for ideas!

I doubt it’s the OpenSSL verison, it’s probably using some old version of SSL/TLS, can you configure it to use TLS 1.2?

ok i “fixed” it.

Barrier works if you dont use ssl on both sides. deactivate ssl and client chert on server and client. Then make sure the screen has the name of the client in the server settings. Then they connect.