Assembled my VisionFive but it doesn't display any output

Hey folks.

I have assembled my Vision Five.

  1. What exactly should happen when it is turned on?

  2. Should HDMI display anything/receive a signal? I have tried different HDMI cables, monitors and power adapters. Does the device display a power on BIOS/post message on the output display before booting an operating system?

  3. Have I missed a step (such as flashing firmware?)

A usb-serial (ttl level) adapter is a must.

A good one would be the cp2104-based ones at around $2 in Aliexpress and ebay.

In any event, avoid adapters based on ch340 or pl2303.


The short answer is, no. If you haven’t updated the spi and/or installed an os that is initializing the hdmi port, it isn’t expected to display anything.

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