Are the assets in the GitHub Debian reliable and usable?

In the StarFive GitHub Debian repository Releases · starfive-tech/Debian · GitHub there are a number of Assets included as .deb and .tar.gz files. Are all of those supposed to be working and usable?

I tried the chromium from v0.10.0-engineering-release-wayland - 202310 which required a couple of additional libraries, and, which I also installed. However chromium would not start up as there appeared to be some other issues with GPU functionality.

In the Debian build procedure of Building StarFive Debian image | RVspace there is a step Copy applications which a series of wget commands to pull applications from older Release Assets such as


I would assume I could change the path to use the Assets from the most recent Release. And why does that procedure use Assets from v0.8.0 and v0.9.0 rather than all from v0.9.0?

How reliable are the Assets included with each Debian release?

Well if I would just read the latest build release notes, I would see this under known issues:

  • Chromium FFmpeg is not working;