Archlinux - Repo and wrong dependencies

Could it be, there are some dependencies beeing wrong in the (unofficial, I know :wink: ) Archlinux repository?
I stumbled over “powerdevil”, which moans about a missing which is part of the ddcutil package. Since 2.0, it has version 5, not 4. Reason is, that kde (and hence powerdevil) is on 5.27.8 but ddcutil 2.0 is only supported starting at 5.27.9, which would be the current version and is on other architectures.
I know, that there are only a few contributors to that port currently and I’m on my way to grab some packages my own. But is there any way to help getting that problem out of the way? Ctrl+F powerdevil

You can see it detected outdated dependencies for powerdevil

Try manually building ddcutil? Does it even work on the board?

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I have plasma running on wayland, yes. But powerdevil throws of course log errors all the time because of that problem. What is outdated are all the plasma/kde packages, not ddcutil.
I know that contribution guide but we are dealing with already taken packages, not the free ones. So since powerdevil is part of the huge plasma packages pile, I guess the maintainers did not manage yet to go through all of those. That is ok…what I wanted to address is how to solve those issues. Least hurting would be to downgrade ddcutils in the repo to have all packages matching again…and that is, where I don’t know whom to reach out to :wink:

Had a look at that status page, you mentioned. That does not seem to be accurate and up-to-date. ddcutil is missing completly tbh

pacman -Q ddcutil
ddcutil 2.0.0-1

This is, what is in the repo currently and it provides:

pacman -Ql ddcutil |grep libddc
ddcutil /usr/lib/
ddcutil /usr/lib/
ddcutil /usr/lib/

To have powerdevil to be quiet for the moment, I created a symbolic link to the so.4 version with a .4 at the end. But that can of course cause other problems.

@Nightwulf You can ask felixonmars directly in Matrix

I’m in the room too.

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