Any mechanical description of the board?

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On the datasheet I can find the dimensions of the board, but I’m also interested in other dimensions (NPTH size, distance from each other, distance from the edge, and so on).
Would there be a detailed list of dimensions available, or a 3D file that I could use?

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It would be good to have a more detailed datasheet from the board.
Analogous to what STM provides for their boards.
With an detailed memory map.

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Since the board has a external Pico-ITX motherboard form factor (100mm x 72 mm ; 3.937" x 2.835" ) my incorrect ASSumption was that any Pico-ITX case would just work. The mechanical dimensions and placement of the mounting holes I ASSumed should be exactly the same for all Pico-ITX boards, but that does not appear to be true.

My incorrect ASSumption was that since VIA Technologies who created the VIA Pico-ITX Form Factor in 2007, that their original Motherboard Form Factor in their whitepaper would be the de facto standard.

But different companies appear to have created boards with different mechanical dimensions for the exact placement of the mounting holes.
VIA Technologies:

And TechNexion (EDM TYPE 1 PICO-ITX Evaluation Board):

Looking at the image of the VisionFive 2 board in the datasheet (3. Mechanical Specification ; Figure 3-3 NPTHs on VisionFive 2) , the placement of the four Non Plating Through Holes 1,2,3 and 4 might not match any pre-existing Pico-ITX cases, not that there are a lot of them available!

So I would like the exact mechanical board dimensions as well.

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Maybe these will help:

Also note that this heat sink does fit:

Hope this helps!


Where did you get this image and these dimensions?

one one of the sites where you can buy it.

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  • Right click on the image “copy link address”
  • I use but there are other reverse image lookup websites.
  • Click on “Search by Image”, it looks like a camera icon.
  • Paste the link
  • Click on “Search”
  • Click on “Find image source” and usually the first link is the right one.

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