Alsa sequencer not active in image69

USB Midi keyboard is available as raw midi device using amidi. However, /dev/snd/seq has not been built, so it cannot be used yet in music software, like puredata, which rely on the alsa sequencer module to filter hardware events. I’ve poked around in some alsa files I know, but cannot figure out how to get the alsa sequencer active. How is this done, or has it not been included in image69 at all?

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I found this, which would make me believe that there are no modules (currently) that might possibly support /dev/snd/seq included in the kernel used in image69.

$ grep -i sequencer /boot/config-5.15.0-starfive

I guess you could grab the kernel source for the VF2, copy and modify the booted config (/proc/config.gz) and attempt to build your own custom kernel using the instructions to build a linux kernel that are part of the SDK quick start guide.

One thing to keep in mind though is that it may not even work, it might require additional changes, maybe play it safe add a request for support in the improvements for the next image release.

Thanks for confirming that the CONFIG_SND_SEQUENCER option had not been set in the last kernel build. I have added a request to the link you provided.

I have poked around in the alsa source code, but while I am comfortable with c and assembly, rebuilding the kernel is a notch above my comfort level. So hopefully my request will be honored in the next official build.

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