3D printable case files?

Is it too soon for there to be 3D-printable case files out in the wild? I’d like to print a case/box for my VisionFive2 so I can add it to my homelab and I can’t seem to find any out there. I do have calipers so I can expand from the mechanical diagram in this post, but if someone has already started doing something then I would like to collaborate.


I’m also thinking of starting to design the case at least as a draft 1 and then when i get my board do some refinements and be done with it. I want to fit this heat sink and a fan on it.

Heat sink:


I’m open to collaborate. What software do you use ?

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What was the board form factor again? I can block something out here this weekend when I have some free time.

Mechanical description topick

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I designed my own case, if anyone needs one:



Cheers! I’m going to print this and give it a try. Thanks much!

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Very nice, thanks for sharing. I’ll print this this weekend.

I printed this on my Ender 3 V2 and it worked perfectly! I chose color-changing PLA and we’ll see where the hotspots are!

Thanks much!


This came out great, thanks!

If you don’t have plans for it, I’ll make and upload a remix with slots for all the peripherals and the gpio exposed


Yes this would be great! Would you mind share your design with the fan openings like in the pictures ?

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This is a good idea!

Coming along in Glow-in-the-dark PLA (my calibration isn’t perfect so there’s some ozing/stringing)


The version with the 40mm fan opening is included on the Printables page, underneath the slotted and solid versions. There’s both a version with a protective grill (good if you intend to put the fan inside the case) and a version without (good if you intend to put the fan outside the case).

Thanks, Greg