3D printable case files?

Is it too soon for there to be 3D-printable case files out in the wild? I’d like to print a case/box for my VisionFive2 so I can add it to my homelab and I can’t seem to find any out there. I do have calipers so I can expand from the mechanical diagram in this post, but if someone has already started doing something then I would like to collaborate.


I’m also thinking of starting to design the case at least as a draft 1 and then when i get my board do some refinements and be done with it. I want to fit this heat sink and a fan on it.

Heat sink:


I’m open to collaborate. What software do you use ?

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What was the board form factor again? I can block something out here this weekend when I have some free time.

Mechanical description topick

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I designed my own case, if anyone needs one:



Cheers! I’m going to print this and give it a try. Thanks much!

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Very nice, thanks for sharing. I’ll print this this weekend.

I printed this on my Ender 3 V2 and it worked perfectly! I chose color-changing PLA and we’ll see where the hotspots are!

Thanks much!


This came out great, thanks!

If you don’t have plans for it, I’ll make and upload a remix with slots for all the peripherals and the gpio exposed


Yes this would be great! Would you mind share your design with the fan openings like in the pictures ?

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This is a good idea!

Coming along in Glow-in-the-dark PLA (my calibration isn’t perfect so there’s some ozing/stringing)


The version with the 40mm fan opening is included on the Printables page, underneath the slotted and solid versions. There’s both a version with a protective grill (good if you intend to put the fan inside the case) and a version without (good if you intend to put the fan outside the case).

Thanks, Greg

someone can print it and send it to me, for a fee of course, greetings from Italy. if you want to contact me duca98 AT hotmail com, thanks

Wondering if your STL bottom has accounted for NVMe SSD with heat sink and EMMC access - If not, can it be added? If I knew how to use FreeCAD, I would do it myself… Thanks! :wink:

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at least a nvme ssd without heatsink fits perfectly fine for me - i guess for a heatsink there is most probably not enough space …


Are you having any issues with heat? What are your NVMe SSD drive temps looking like? I don’t think I would be very comfortable with using one without a heatsink, they are currently expensive (at least for me), and typically run HOT.

mine is an older toshiba 128gb which is not very fast, but in exchange not running hot really … i remember to have read somewhere that the temp is mainly driven by the soc and not so much by the nvme (except you use one which is running very hot)

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Might be a few months late, lol, but here.

1U tall rack mount-able, fits 3 boards.