07/2023 Actual OS released

I open a new 3d to know what are the current OS under development as well as the work that the RISC-V team is doing.

Where is Canonical at? Is their IMG stable is the GUI usable?

Is Armbian always in experimental state? Is the GUI usable?

Is DietPI anyone using it? I tried to load it on nvme ssd but unfortunately it doesn’t boot.

With your answers, I would like to know what OS you are using and how you are.

I hope soon the RISC-V team publish a new release for nvme with XFCE and have a usable GUI.

Many thanks to the RISC-V team for the wonderful work done so far and I hope to have new releases soon.

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I’m using Alpine Linux (Edge version). There is no official release for riscv64 yet.
That’s why I used to boot it the DietPi image: DietPi on RISC-V StarFive VisionFive 2 SBC – DietPi Blog
It boots from micro SD and then mounts rootfs from USB SS Flash drive.
I started with the minimal root filesystem downloaded from
Other packages were installed manually, some applications were built from sources.
Alpine Linux is built around musl libc and busybox. It is lightweight and fast.
The system is usable both with HDMI console and xfce4 GUI (with no GPU acceleration).
It is capable to build the kernel. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth work through
USB adapter (RTL8723BU with out-of-tree driver). Both onboard Ethernet ports (10/100
and 10/100/1000) work also.


For an actual GUI first operating system Haiku which is not linux based is being ported to the Visionfive 2 and there are images in the link below but it is still experimental.

Linux is not really a GUI OS in my opinion, its a terminal/command line OS that has some GUI’s but the underlying terminal always bleeds through.

Haiku was designed as a GUI only operating system for end users so everything is done through that interface if thats what your looking for, Haiku is closer to modern windows/macos as a platform with a defined way of doing things.

Haiku has gained partial linux software compatibility so the Haiku depot (basic app store) has ports of lots of common applications, work is still underway in creating a RISC-V version of the depot.


Here is unofficial guide and disk images for running Alpine on VisionFive V1 and V2 boards.


is there a guide to install haiku?

i clicked on the link but i only read some comments and x512 user who is working on various bugs and problems.

alpine linux is interesting but I was looking for something debian based because for me it’s easier to manage packages with apt.

I’m waiting for 3D support before worrying about X, frame buffer is too slow to be usable.

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